Dampers for Nuclear Power Plants




  1. EB Air Control’s Industrial Positive Seal Damper (IPSD) has been designed to handle and contain radioactive contaminated gases that pose a danger to health and environment if not handled properly. Our experience in North America is that there is hardly any “air tight” damper or butterfly valve which will contain radioactive materials safely and effectively within any given area

  3. In order to meet, if not exceed, the requisite Safeguard Criterion for Nuclear Facilities EB Air’s damper/ valve was tested twice over half a million cycles according to the ANSI/ASME, N510-1980 pressure decay method and article 6.4. The conclusive leak test result was 0.00002cfm at 10”WG pressure differential which according to our available information could not be met by most butterfly valves or dampers offered in the North American market. We have successfully carried out a leak test on 24”and 36”diameter valves up to 23 PSIG for 15 Minutes for prospective nuclear power plant clients.

  5. EB Air’s Positive Seal Damper is not only virtually leak proof irrespective of the size of the damper bank, but also has an excellent track record in terms of “maintenance free damper” which we claim with some justification, based on over 6000 dampers installed and operating since 1980.

  7. To appreciate the technical advantages of EB Air's IPSD, a review of current technology is necessary. Products used on the market are butterfly valves that have inherent technical limitations. The main reason is that the disc resides in the middle of the valve and rotates through a center shaft. The mechanism results in the following problems;


    1. The seal is at its weakest in two places where the shaft holds and rotates the disc.

    3. The rotating action of the disc within the valve seal results in the scraping of the seal, particularly in the final stages of the closing mode and initial stages of the opening mode.

    5. In a dusty environment, the opening and closing of the valve results in the agglomeration of dust at the bottom of the valve close to where the steel shaft punctures the valves. The phenomenon further affects the closing of the valve.

    7. This results in the uneven pressure of the disc on the seal.


  9. To overcome the aforesaid technical disadvantages, EB Air has developed a linkage mechanism system which operates according to the following criteria:


    1. The disc has two extreme operating positions- closed (first) and totally open (second). The sequence of open and closed can be reversed for application where it is desirable. The linkage mechanism allows the disc to move linearly in proximity of the closed position. This allows the disc to be seated against the valve body or displaced from it, thus eliminating any sliding between the disc and the valve seat.

    3. In the totally open position, the disc is perpendicular to the place of the valve opening in order to minimize friction losses through the valve. Therefore, the disc is rotationally displaced from the first position to the second position. The linkage mechanism includes at least one pivot member which is pivotable above a base axis. The base axis is fixed with respect to the valve opening.

    5. The drive motor (actuator) is linear (push/pull type). The linkage mechanism selectively translates this linear motion to the desired disc operating positions.

    7. Bearings are provided at pivot points. They can support the shaft loads, minimize shaft defections and have long life.

    9. Linkage mechanism causes minimal pressure loss.

  10. On account of above superior technical features, EB Air IPSD's have been specified and installed in nuclear quality atmosphere in both USA and UK and enquiries have been received for nuclear facilities in these two countries as well for East European countries, Italy, South Korea and Canada. Instances of installation of EB Air dampers in nuclear quality atmosphere are given below;

  12. West Valley Services Co, New York

  14. Plutonium Enrichment Plant of Savannah River Nuclear Project, South Carolina

  16. Nuclear Shelters for Royal Air Force, England

  18. Ontario Power Generation – Ontario, Canada


used for large areas in classroom, schools, universities, libraries, offices where both heating and cooling is required. Higher capacity can be achieved with a single unit as relatively greater delta T between EWT and Room temperature can be achieved. Condensation of untreated air in filtration is collected with built in drain pan that collects the condensate and drains it out. Shut off mechanism can also be provided to ensure there is no overflow or clogging of drains. These units can also achieve relatively low noise level as well has greater throw to cover a wider footprint.

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