Modular Air Handling unit

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EB Air MODPAK Air handling unit is designed to deliver air at optimum efficiency keeping design compact and affordable. Superior to existing technologies, EB Air MODPAK system provides unparalleled performance compared to such systems in the market. The capacity ranges from 5000- 20000 CFM, they are more than a match for many demanding applications. Modular unit for floor by floor applications are also available. EB Air MODPAK is available for indoor or outdoor installations and can be built as draw through or blow through configurations. Mathematical modeling was conducted towards developing right inlet and outlet conditions for abating unwanted noise and vibration at source. Sometimes aerodynamic designs are configured to provide smooth air transition causing minimum pressure drop across the system. For special design and configuration, please contact factory.




EB Air, MOD-PAK Air handling units are developed for specific applications coupled with designs that involve principles of aerodynamics and mathematical modeling to determine which systems operate more efficiently for constant or variable volume system. EB Air Control concentrates on research and development for manufacturing of custom/ semi custom Air handling unit that strives for quality and performance. EB Air works with dedicated personnel to determine optimal AHU solution for each client.

For size and application/ selection, please contact the factory.


  • EBA Mod-Pak AHU are offered in wide variety of Sizes and Options, including Heat Recovery Wheels, Heat Pipe , Heat Wheels , Humidifiers , Gas fired Heaters Electric Heaters, Direct Expansion Coils ( Dx), Cooling and Heating coils, UV lights.
  • Filter and filter racks are provided c/w filters rated accordance with ASHRAE 52- 76 & UL Std 900.
  • Users have an option to use EBA Air Tight dampers for minimizing leakage along with long operating life
  • Mod-Pak units can be applied to critical as well as commercial applications
  • Digital CFM , Temperature & Pressure Read outs are offered on units
  • Units come with Plenum, SWSI, DWDI, Axial fans c/w Direct Driven as well Belt Driven option c/w premium efficiency motors.
  • Mod-Pak units are offered with factory mounted VFDs.
  • Each unit is factory tested and certified before shipping
  • Space Saving Economizer solution offered in AHU
  • Roll out fan assembly for fan servicing is provided as an option.
  • Access Doors are provided for servicing internally mounted components. All access sections are fitted with hinged access doors wide enough to allow proper service and maintenance
  • Base section constructed out of 4”, 5” or 6” structural steel channel with internal cross support members designed to take component load.
  • Floor are provided with checkered plates joined with base channel .Floor has underneath liner of 22ga solid galvanized (G-90) and insulated with compound ¾ pcf density un-faced fiberglass to unit base height
  • Panel: Units are offered with panel thickness of 2”, 3” or 4” outer skin 18 ga galvanneal steel sheet & inner skin is 22ga perforated G90.Panel consist of 1.5/3.0 pcf density fiberglass insulation. Thermal Break construction is also available as option.
  • Electrical components like non- fused disconnect, load break switch and lights (fluorescent) are provided in the unit.
  • All Mod-Pak units come with standard factory warranty.
  • Quick shipment program available.

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