Plasma Air International

Plasma Air's bipolar ionization technology offers a broader, more extensive solution than other products in the market. Plasma Air is a proactive solution treating the air in the occupied space. This treatment occurs at the source of contamination which maximizes effectiveness. Traditional end-of-pipe solutions utilize a "pass-through" or "filtered" approach. These technologies are considered reactive because they only treat the air that passes through or by their products.

UV products have a limited claim structure of only keeping the heating and cooling coil clean. Bacteria kill rates are negligible as they relate to the typical UV installation and there is certainly no effectiveness on bacteria in the occupied space. Carbon based systems have broad effectiveness on many chemicals and VOCs, but have several application issues such as high first cost, additional space requirements in the air handling units and prohibitive media replacement costs.

Application includes; Schools, casinos, Airports, Waste Water Treatment, hospitals, Arenas, Etc, where there is always an urge to keep the air clean and free of pollutants.

The Plasma Air technology has been fully tested by independent laboratories to prove product efficacy claims and to insure compliance with safety regulations. The Company has impressive test results for particle reduction, VOC removal; bacteria kill rates, smoke particles reduction and ozone production. It has a validation study proving the accuracy of ASHRAE IAQ Procedure calculations. Additionally, all Plasma Air products are either UL or ETL listed according to the appropriate UL standard.

Utilizing Plasma Air's outside air reduction approach saves energy on both new construction and retrofit applications. None of the competing technologies – UV, powered particulate filters, PCO, HEPA filtration, etc – are capable of saving building owners energy.

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