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EB Air Control Inc is a manufacturer of highest quality HVAC products with strong characteristics towards design and technology for “indoor air comfort and quality”.

With a combined experience of over 27 years, EB Air is poised to handling projects that demands highest quality, performance and solution..
























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This is generally applied to shut off applications involving rugged construction capable of handling high pressure and temperature. Ideal for waste water treatment plants, Isolation rooms hospital and process applications etc. Available is various sizes to suiting site requirement.

CEILING BEAM with drain pan

Ceiling mounted air distribution product that delivers high volume/capacity of heating/cooling for a given space. As this operates by Induction principle, there are no moving parts hence little or no maintenance. This is ideal for offices, schools, universities where load capacity is high and cannot be met by traditional systems.


MODPAK unit is designed to delivering air at optimum efficiency keeping design compact and affordable. Superior to existing technologies, EB Air MODPAK system provides unparalleled performance compared to such systems in the market. The capacity ranges from 5000- 20000 CFM, they are more than a match for many demanding applications.


This air flow device maintains Constant or Variable volume airflow by accurately reading the external conditions to delivering actual airflow as required to condition critical areas. Very commonly used in laboratories, research facilities with high air changes and balanced pressurization.

Induction unit


Induction unit are available in various sizes to matching any existing retrofit or new application with custom fit on any given space. Available both on floor as well perimeterceiling mounted with drain pan. Most units are designed for high capacity and low noise applications.

solid air

Active Chilled Beam (PDF)

Active Chilled Beam (ACB) consists of a fin-and-tube heat exchanger contained in a housing that is suspended from, or recessed in the ceiling. The primary difference is that an active chilled beam contains an integral air supply. This primary air passes through nozzles, which induce air from the space up through the cooling coil. Active chilled beams are more commonly used, and are definite choice of designers and architects.

Swirl Diffuser (PDF)

The swirl diffuser type is suitable for supply of cooled air with large temperature differential and can be installed for constant and variable volume installations. The air pattern is fixed. The diffuser is for T Bar mounting in a ceiling with a 24 inches module size and can be fitted with a plenum box which is delivered ready assembled. The special high induction swirl effect enables a significant number of air changes. The very shallow in flow pattern also makes the diffuser suitable for somewhat lower spaces of ceiling as well. This is an effective way of air distribution and gaining traction in North American market.

Various models and sizes are available to custom or retrofit any given space on the ceiling.

Constant Volume Controller (PDF)

The VCMH is a mechanical constant volume damper. The damper is designed to maintain the design volume independent of inlet pressure. The design volume (m3/h) is easily set by adjustment of the external sliding scale. The operating range of the damper is 0.2 – 4" wg (+/-5%). Velocities < 390 fpm may give inaccuracies of up to 15%.